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Make Safe – Garage wall

Project Details

  • Client Private
  • Location Newtown
  • Duration 1 week

Recently we were engaged by a private client to make his garage wall safe. His garage led straight to a busy narrow street in Newtown and the client was afraid that it would collapse and severely injure any passer-by or even damage someone else’s property.

Our experts, after carefully examining the wall, came up with a plan to demolish it safely. The first step was a consultation with one of our carpenters to figure out what was needed to make a hoarding to close the garage. He drew it, explained to one of our trade’s assistants and we got all materials for this job.

We worked closely with the client’s budget and tried to figure out what the most cost-effective way to go about this project while still maintaining the same quality we are well known for. Knowing we had to also work fast since the wall shifted 10cm already causing it to lean towards the back lane and can fall at any time, we put it all together quick and the from planning, quoting and executing we had it done in a week’s time

After a job well done, we received the below message:

“Thanks for the garage job – great relief knowing the wall is no longer a risk. We are now using the back lane heaps with the kids and their bikes – our extended backyard! “.

We appreciate your trust in us and we are glad you are enjoying your new safe extended backyard.

Yet another job done by our team, quickly yet safely.

Well done team