Life at Perfect

At Perfect you will not just be demoing buildings; you will build a portfolio of skills and experience that will sustain your entire career. The work we do is collaborative, but we encourage you to set big goals for yourself. We will help you achieve them. We know that our success depends on yours and we will provide opportunities for you to develop and grow as you move ahead. This collaborative exchange is based on shared ideals. It is important to feel aligned with Perfect’s values.


We only employ staff who have an attitude that reflects the culture of Perfect Group. That is, a tight knit group who work together to perform the work at hand.

We are dedicated, skilled and motivated to provide the best service for our clients and our company.


Our staff are courteous, respectful and professional. They are expected to wear the uniform provided to them and to undergo training in safety and proper equipment use.


Our staff are punctual, honest and responsible. They are expected to provide the highest level of service to all clients and to uphold the integrity of the company.


The quality of our equipment is high. We use only trusted brands such as Hilti, Tyrolit, Makita and Husqvarna. Our staff take pride in operating and maintaining this equipment.


We encourage a healthy, positive work environment. We believe that facilitating a work environment with happy, healthy staff is paramount to an effective and successful workplace.

Perfect’s core business is construction, but our staff comes from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Perfect is organised into departments and/or areas of responsibility. These departments cover the entire construction process from the original leads to estimating, project start and project closeout.

We have many different roles and responsibilities within Perfect. Aside from the work carried out on site there is Account’s Department, Marketing Department, Project Management & Estimating Department and Operations Department.

Life at Perfect