Since Perfect’s first industrial demolition project in 2010 we’ve been hailed for industrial projects citywide

Light industrial demolition isn’t a phrase often spoken. But industry isn’t always industrial in scale. Machine shops, coldstores, meat works, tyre wholesalers, media blasters – business of this size need demolition too. Regardless of what they carry, manufacture, modify or sell – the deconstruction of small industry calls for a mindset that only experienced demolishers can bring.

A skilled, experienced and ticketed workforce gives Perfect Strip Out and Demolition the agility to quickly and easily deconstruct demolition projects within light industry. Well honed processes and a motivated workforce mean we can remain efficient, keeping costs down. Locations in Marrickville and Five Dock affords us room for waste segregation, maintaining a high rate of recycling and reuse.

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Detailed Demolition

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition provides comprehensive detailed demolition services all over Sydney and greater NSW.

Industrial Stripout

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition have years of experience in carrying out industrial strip out projects all across the Sydney.

Structure Demolition

Perfect has extensive experience when it comes to carrying out structure demolition in the industrial sector.

Rubbish Removal

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition provide comprehensive rubbish removal services for the industrial sectors.

Skip Bin Hire

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition have a large variety of Skip Bins available for hire all over Sydney.

Labour with Tools

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition offers a motivated and skilled workforce for hire in Sydney.



Perfect Stripout & Demolition were engaged by Haverick Meats and to carry out Demolition works at Haverick Meats factory at Banksmeadow. The work involved a back to base stripping out of the entire factory after there was an extensive fire damage, this included hygienic removal of all remaining meat in the factory, removal of steel shelving within the factory.

Perfect provided a team of four demolition labour with EWP ticket and demolition and two general labourers to carry out the works. All work was supervised by our Site Supervisor Bachchu Krishna to ensure the safety of our team members and efficiency while carrying out the work. Perfect worked closely with a Hygienist, he suggested the use of all necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is worn at all times including ( disposable clothes, waterproof gloves which go up to the elbow, organic vapor masks with double filter, safety glasses, hard hat, safety boots and disposable coveralls. This ensured the health and safety of our team members to the best of our ability while completing the project.

The scope of works for this project involved:

Hygenic removal of meat
Stripout of entire factory
Removal of steel shelving
Removal of all fire damaged material
Propping of the roof to improve the structural integrity of the roof



On the last day of October in 2020 Top Furniture’s Bankstown warehouse was destroyed in an intense industrial fire. Fuelled by flame hungry timber, the sheer heat not only incinerated the contents of the shed but did irreversible damage to the structure itself by buckling solid brick walls, burning ‘unburnable’ asbestos and twisting 10mm flanged I-Beams like they were papier mache.

As Sydney’s leading Hazmat removal and structural demolition company, Perfect was contracted to bring the site up to speed so it could be rebuilt

The scope of works for this project involved:

Friable asbestos removal
Strip out all Fire Damaged Items
Prop Existing Mezzanine Slabs
Remove steel beam roof structure
Remove 5m high buckled brick wall


Perfect is one of the most experienced demolition contractors in Sydney when it comes to industrial demolition. We have done it all, soft strip outs, back to base strip outs, half house demos, trenching, small civil works. It doesn’t matter if its twenty stories or single. Perfect have developed our processes and constantly innovated to become more and more efficient at all aspects of Industrial demolition.

Regardless of the scope, scale or stipulations – Perfect Strip Out & Demolition’s major strength lies in fast, safe and efficient operation. With roots deep in the Industrial sector, we can hand over your project on time and within budget regardless if its soft strip-out works or complex structural demolition. From permits to service disconnection and waste disposal, Perfect’s project management team offers the personalised touch that ensures your civil project is delivered to spec.

industrial demolition sydney


The key to Perfect’s continual success is down to one key factor, Our People.

Our crews are the ones out there doing the hard graft every single day, ensuring your project gets delivered on time, every time. Because that’s what we do. We get it done.

From management and operations to engineering and estimating to supervisors and ground workers – Perfect Strip Out & Demolition hires only the best. Continual improvement processes ensure regular training, new tickets and upskilling.

Perfect' s crew


industrial demolition fleet

Perfect operates its own fleet of heavy-duty state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators to large positracks to 35t excavators. Additionally we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to man.

With our continued investment in emerging technologies, safety and innovation, Perfect’s service scope ranges from the simple & straightforward to the thoroughly technical to the downright demanding.