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Bunker Demolition and Soft Strip Out

Bunker Demolition and Soft Strip Out - Perfect Hire

Project Details

  • Client Inscape Projects
  • Location Castle Hill
  • Duration several months

Inscape Projects is a national firm specialising in interior design language and construction. They’re a great client of ours and we’re lucky to have them. When they need demolition expertise to clear the way for their award winning designs they call Perfect.

We’ve spent many a month in Castle Hill, so we jumped at the chance to strip out a multi-level partial office and warehouse. Led by Leading Hand Francisco Bueno the works were quite straightforward – we’ve done literally hundreds of these: strip out internal linings, wiring, carpet, underlay, abandoned office furniture, bathroom fittings and tiles. It was the bunker that provided the challenge.

Almost hundred metres long, nine metres wide and towering over three metres in the air this behemoth needing special attention. With very little room for error [both literally and figuratively] we back-propped the structure and wheeled in the 14t Volvo with pulveriser attachment. Over the span of a week, operator Andrea Jannelli started from the top down and gently collapsed the structure in on itself. EWP ticketed spotters navigated the collapse from an 11m+ boom and dust suppression was always on hand. With so many of these under his belt Andrea brought the bunker down without incident.

While the tilt-up panels were crushed into submission Perfect driver Robertas Klimasauskas was kept busy with skips on rotation with his 8 wheeled hook – 30m3 for the soft materials and 15m3 for the bunker.

Almost two months to the day the last skip was emptied and the last machines were floated out. One last broom of the place and we were off to the next job.

Inscape Projects - Perfect Hire
Inscape Projects - demolition and strip out
Soft Strip Out - Perfect Hire
Bunker Demolition - Perfect Hire