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As one of our mainstay services, strip outs and light demolition remains at the forefront of our skill set

Completing hundreds of structurally invasive demolition projects has furnished us with a detailed understanding of what constitutes a challenge. Having surmounted those hurdles we believe we can claim to have mastered the humble strip out.


Detailed Demolition

Perfect Strip Out & Demolition provides comprehensive detailed demolition services all over Sydney and greater NSW.

Structural Demolition

With modern technology and engineering methodologies, Perfect can carry out complex structural house demolition.

Concrete Penetrations

Perfect has extensive experience when it comes to carrying out concrete penetrations.

Top Down Demolition

Perfect offers top down house demolition services, for those projects with tight access and noise restrictions.

Heritage Demolition

Perfect has carried out hundreds of heritage demolition projects all across Sydney and greater NSW.

Induced Collapse Demolition

Our highly trained crews and engineers have planned and carried out hundreds of induced collapse demolition projects.


Since the company was established in 2010, we have carried out hundreds of half house demolition projects. All of this experience has allowed us to develop our own processes and procedures that optimize efficiency and dramatically increase safety. By constantly innovating with new machines and technology such as our fleet of Electric Twinca Dumpers, this allows us to load out up to 60% faster than traditional methods while also reducing risk to our team members.

With a long history of innovation, the Perfect team is dedicated to the delivery of world-class client outcomes. We foster an energetic culture that encourages dynamic thinking and the leverage of technology to achieve intelligent solutions. This progressive environment makes conditions safer, more sustainable and have the utmost efficiency.

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Safety is at the forefront of our operations across Australia, demonstrated by our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems being certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001, our exemplary safety record and comprehensive internal structures and processes. We encourage open communication with the aim of creating greater awareness to help reduce injuries and improve our safety performance. We recognise that the involvement of managers in the safety management process is critical, particularly at the site manager and supervisor level.


We understand the risks and challenges that project managers face every day, which is why we are committed to providing a responsible and flexible workforce equipped to deliver quality outcomes on commercially sensitive projects. Our employees are honest and punctual, carefully selected to represent the Perfect Strip Out & Demolition culture. We’re a tight-knit team and believe a respectful and supportive onsite environment is critical to cooperation, problem solving and time management.


Since the company was established in 2010, we have grown quickly, delivering on significant flagship projects including Town Hall Train Station, Circular Quay Train Station and Sydney International Airport. Backed by a team of skilled estimators, project managers, site managers and tradesmen, our team are reliable, highly qualified professionals who work hard to deliver truly exceptional service and quality projects for our clients.


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Perfect operates its own fleet of heavy-duty state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators to large positracks to 35t excavators. Additionally we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to man.

With our continued investment in emerging technologies, safety and innovation, Perfect’s service scope ranges from the simple & straightforward to the thoroughly technical to the downright demanding.


The key to Perfect’s continual success is down to one key factor, Our People.

Our crews are the ones out there doing the hard graft every single day, ensuring your project gets delivered on time, every time. Because that’s what we do. We get it done.

From management and operations to engineering and estimating to supervisors and ground workers – Perfect Strip Out & Demolition hires only the best. Continual improvement processes ensure regular training, new tickets and upskilling.

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Does Perfect do interior demolition only?

We sure do. Interior demolition, also known as soft-demo or a strip-out, is where Perfect began. We can quote on a number of facets of interior demolition: from internal wall and ceiling removals, demolition of flooring, salvage, selective structural demo [and reconstructive bracing] or simply the removal of internal linings. Our team of trained professionals will complete all waste removal so that you’re left with a totally clean slate.

Do I need approval for demolition works at my property?

You certainly do! You will need a council issued Demolition Approval before you demolish a property or structure, either in part or in full. If your plans are to rebuild part or all of the structure, then your builder will invariably take care of the DA for you. Often, you’ll need a quote as part of the application. Perfect Strip Out & Demolition offers a no obligation free quote to help you on your way.

Should I go with the cheapest quote I get?

You can. But with a real estate asset worth several hundred thousand or even several million dollars – would you? There’s an old adage: a poor man pays twice – meaning that often the cheapest quote ends up being the most expensive in the long run. Perfect workers are all highly trained demolition professionals with years of experience in all manner of demolition works, meaning there’s less risk of expensive reworks – a distinct possibility with cheap, potentially inexperienced businesses.

Can I do the demolition myself with a truck and machinery?

If you have the demolition license, the DA, the truck license and machinery tickets, you sure can. But again, this asset you have is worth several hundred thousand or even several million dollars – so why would you? Utilising a professional team is the safest and ultimately the cheapest way.

What size jobs does Perfect do?

In its twelve year history, Perfect has completed minor jobs such as soft strip outs, through full building demo to complex and complicated demolition with no room for error. We feel equally at home in residential, commercial, industrial and military scenarios from half day tasks to jobs that take several months. We can do it all!

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