Core Values

Positive attitude

We encourage a healthy, positive work environment. We believe that facilitating a work environment with happy, healthy staff is paramount to an effective and successful workplace.

Safety at work

Our staff are courteous, respectful and professional. They are expected to wear the uniform provided to them and to undergo training in safety and proper equipment use.

Punctuality & Honesty

Our staff are punctual, honest and responsible. They are expected to provide the highest level of service to all clients and to uphold the integrity of the company.

Strong Team

We only employ staff who have an attitude that reflects the culture of Perfect. That is, a tight knit group that work together to perform the work at hand. We are dedicated, skilled and motivated to provide the best service for our clients and our company.

Care for equipment

The quality of our equipment is high. We use only trusted brands suchas Hilti, Tyrolit, Makita and Husqvarna. Our staff take pride in operating and maintaining this equipment.

Equality & Inclusion

Perfect is an equal opportunity employer, we believe that everyone, no matter what race, sex or religion, should be afforded the same opportunities. That’s why we have a diverse workforce from over 38 different countries.