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External Penetration – The Revy – Pyrmont

8 Level Demolition The Revy Pyrmont

Project Details

  • Client Infinity
  • Location Pyrmont
  • Duration 2018

Our team members from Perfect have been carrying out detailed demolition works for our client Infinity Projects at The Revy in Pyrmont.

Our team members have begun the concrete penetrations on all levels of the building. The windows on the south and north side of the building have been widened by our Concrete Care division using our Tyrolit WSE 1217 Wall Saw. This wall saw allows our operators to safely carry out precise cuts through the double brick walls.

Our project managers worked very closely with Shore Hire engineers to work out the safest methodology to prop the walls while we carried out our large wall saw cuts. Together with Shore Hire engineers we devised a methodology of coring four large core holes above the windows and installing reinforced steel beams. This would allow for the load on the walls while the larger section was cut out with the wall saw.

Once our concrete care division had carried out all necessary vertical and horizontal cuts with the wall saw our other team members began by carefully removing the brick using hammers and chisels as we couldn’t risk using our jackhammers as this is a heritage building. We want to ensure the utmost care is taken when dealing with the external façade so it remains intact.

Along with the widening of the windows on the south and north side of the building, our client requested concrete penetrations in the center of the building of each level to allow to lift doors. These works were carried out by our concrete care division, it was decided that the best methodology to carry out these penetrations would be to pre-cut the wall with our Husqvarna ring saw and then finish the cuts with our wall saw.

On the east and west side of the building, our client requested for windows to be widened and reinforced concrete lintels to be installed above the window frames. This again required very technical heavy duty propping to be carried out on each window to allow the windows to be widened and lintels to be installed. So far our team members have successfully completed all penetrations on level eight and level seven and are currently working on levels six and five.

Our clients Infinity Projects have been delighted with the quality of works carried out so far and are impressed by the work ethic and professionalism of our team members. We are looking forward to completing all works on schedule for our client.