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Stripout & Demolition – Bulli Hospital

Stripout & Demolition - Bulli Hospital

Project Details

  • Client Hutchinson Builders
  • Location Bulli, NSW
  • Duration 6 Months

Perfect Stripout & Demolition were recently engaged by Hutchinson Builders to carry out the stripout and demolition at Bulli Hospital. The project involved a range of tasks including the removal of plasterboard walls, core-filled concrete block walls, commercial kitchens, office joinery, finishes, and a significant amount of mixed waste.

One of the key challenges was that the work needed to be completed in a live hospital environment. As such, Perfect Stripout & Demolition had to work around the finished fit-out and ensure that any noise or disruptions were kept to a minimum. In order to do this, the team reduced the hours of noisy work and implemented respite periods. This helped to ensure that the hospital could continue to operate without any major disruptions.

Another challenge was the location of the project, which made it difficult to get a reliable labour force to the site to deliver the work. To address this issue, Perfect Stripout & Demolition utilised Perfect Labour Hire to assist with the labour requirements. This helped to ensure that the project could be completed within the specified timeframe and to a high standard.

Load out was also a challenge as the team were unable to use the lifts. To overcome this, Perfect Stripout & Demolition removed the window on the second and third floor and installed a scaffold access platform. This platform was used to load waste bins, which were then forklifted down and placed into a large skip bin. This innovative solution helped to streamline the waste removal process and ensured that the project was completed on time.

To address the issue of working in a live hospital environment, Perfect Stripout & Demolition also installed protection to finished surfaces. This helped to ensure that the hospital’s operations could continue without any significant disruptions. In addition, the team carried out horizontal service penetrations through core-filled concrete block walls. This helped to ensure that the hospital’s essential services could continue to operate without any major disruptions.

The overall outcome of the project was a success, with the job completed to a high standard and with no complaints from the hospital. Both our client, Hutchinson Builders, and all key stakeholders were happy with the overall project. This success can be attributed to the innovative solutions that Perfect Stripout & Demolition employed to overcome the challenges posed by working in a live hospital environment and the efficient and reliable labour force provided by Perfect Labour Hire.