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Strip Out – Aged Care Facility

Strip out of aged care facility - Perfect

Project Details

  • Client Northside Construction
  • Location 142 - 146 BEECROFT ROAD, BEECROFT
  • Duration 6-7 months

Perfect was contracted by Northside Construction to undertake strip-out and demolition works within an aged care facility, located at 142 – 146 Beecroft Road, Beecroft. All works were completed in one job establishment over the duration of 6-7 months, all while the facility was fully operational. We had on average 10 workers on site per day.

All strip-out and demolition works consisted of two stages – the building consisting of a basement, ground floor and first floor and one level heritage building. Works carried out on 3 levels and include strip out of the rooms below:

  • kitchens including wall tiles, steel benches, chimney fittings and fixtures;
  • laundries including vinyl wall finish, fittings and fixtures;
  • bathrooms incl floor tiles, wall tiles, fittings and fixtures;
  • cold rooms.

Strip Out and demolition scope of work included:

  • Removal of plasterboard ceiling (approximately 3,245m2);
  • Removal of plasterboard lining on brick walls;
  • Removal of vinyl floor finish (approximately 2870m2);
  • Removal of doors, joinery, cabinets etc;
  • Removal of reception desks;
  • Removal and disposal of loose furniture and mattresses;
  • Removal of air conditioning ducting and other existing ducting;
  • Demolition and removal of the single and double skin brick walls, concrete slabs;
  • Demolition and removal of concrete pavings, slabs, plinths and steps, and bitumen footpath.

In addition to the work inside the main building, our well-coordinated team demolished the existing section of the heritage house including the timber roof structure, windows, brick walls and sandstone and nearby shed. Furthermore, the metal roof and roof structure was demolished and removed safely.

All services cover rubbish removal from the job site and disposal, recycling or reusing them in compliance with NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Policies and Guidelines.

The fleet of machinery utilised: 1.8T excavator for materials handling, hook trucks, skip bins & bogies for material loadout. Our team used electrical tools such as grinders, demolition and ring saws, jackhammers and hand tools.

We had a lot of challenges from the beginning. Coordinated action was needed because Perfect team had to share the job site with other tradespersons. Tight access to our trucks did not make it easier for us to perform our tasks and remove rubbish from the demolition site. The strip out of the heritage house in particular was very labour intensive due to the care taken not to damage any heritage items that were not being removed.

The work was completed on time, safely and efficiently. Client Northside Construction was satisfied with the work ethic of our perfect crew, supervision and final results.

Perfect Stripout & Demolition. We get it done!