Here at Perfect Strip Out & Demolition, we have a strong belief in sustainability and environmental protection. We believe that we can do our part to help our environment and decrease the amount of waste generated by the construction industry. Perfect supplies multiple waste and rubbish removal services to our Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 construction clients all around the Sydney metro area.

C&D (Construction and Demolition) waste is one of the biggest contributors to waste in Australia. The challenges for waste management in commercial buildings are often in the fit out phase, where a range of specialized sub-contractors are engaged to install utilities and tailor interiors to the needs of tenants. In the life of a commercial building, the fit out phase will not only happen at the point of establishment, but also many times over the lifetime of the building. Some reuse may happen but generally these works generate
massive loads of mixed waste, which are usually disposed, of.

That’s where Perfect come in, being a large commercial demolition contractor we regularly carry out what’s called in the Industry as “Back to Base Strip Outs”. This is where a tenant is leaving a level of a large multi story and they need to perform a large strip out to prepare for the next tenant as per the lease they signed. Commonly within the industry this mixed
waste is removed and disposed of but very little usually gets recycled. Here at Perfect Strip Out & Demolition we decided this is where we can make a massive difference within the industry. We encourage our clients to separate materials on site in our Tub Bin system so we can then load-out entire skips of 100% recyclable materials.

For 2017 we set a goal of recycling over 50% of waste we remove from our clients projects by end of Q4 2017 and have zero environmental incidents.


Winners of Excellence in Sustainability