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Remedial works in Mascot Towers

Remedial works in Mascot Towers

Project Details

  • Client SBM (Structural Building Management)
  • Location Mascot Towers, 1-5 Bourke Street, Mascot NSW 2020
  • Duration 8 weeks

Perfect was contracted by SBM (Structural Building Management) to undertake remedial works of expansion joints within Mascot Towers, located 1-5 Bourke Street, Mascot. All works were completed in one job establishment over the duration of 8 weeks, all within business hours. We had on average 10 workers on site per day.

Prior to starting the demolition works we had to ensure SBM had removed all services so demolition was safe and ready to go. Various propping had to be installed throughout the job site to set up for slab removal. Demolition works consisted of the demolition of various slabs amongst the building, slab thickness varying from approximately 150mm-300mm in depth. Removal of all tiles, hollow block walls, stripping of planter boxes and all existing vegetation. 

Throughout the process of removing the slabs, our concrete care division was contracted to operate with their road saw to cut the penetration where reinforcement was being removed, the rest was demolished and hammered using the brokk 110. As well as various penetrations requiring a wall saw to effectively cut open wall penetrations. Various hand tools, jackhammers, core drills, demolition/ring saws & grinders, along with man power were used along side.

Throughout the process of taking down the walls, we had operators working off an EWP ripping the walls down. Then the rest of the excavation done with our 1.7T excavator and brokk 110. When necessary water suppression was used to limit and control the dust on site.

All waste was contained within our 15m3 skip bins we had stored on site and all disposal of waste was management internally.

Works progressed in a timely manner and entire scope completed.