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Demolition – Arabella Street Longueville NSW

Demolition of a building at Arabella Street Longueville NSW

Project Details

  • Client FS Hough
  • Location 90A Arrabella Road, Longueville
  • Duration 10 weeks

Perfect was contracted by FS Hough for the demolition of residential a building, this project had very tight access excavation and all works were completed using a crane. Our Brokk110 was used for the excavation works.

Excavation works included the demolition and disposal of timber framed metal carport roof, carport slab 200mm depth, masonry support columns, tiled roof, concrete stair case, external brick walls and bay windows.

Demolition of existing concrete pool, penetrations through pool, drilling of piles for the building extension and removal of a lift shaft. There was some excavation completed with the Brokk200 through hard sandstone 4 meters deep into the lift shaft. Hand demolition completed for the top floor and retaining of all the timber floors below.

Works were completed in 10 working weeks with various hand power tools as well as with our Brokks and demolition saws.