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Demolition – Sydney T1 International Terminal

Demolition Sydney T1 International Terminal

Project Details

  • Location Sydney T1 International Terminal.

Perfect were engaged to complete the demolition phase of a major upgrade of the Sydney T1 International Terminal. All works were completed after 9:30pm, and required Perfect employees to obtain ASIC security passes which allows our employees to gain access to high security areas Australia wide.

Main tasks:

  • structural demolition
  • strip out
  • concrete grinding
  • concrete cutting

The initial works involved a major strip out of a 1,500m2 area within the airport, including strip out of high risk access areas requiring operation and use of EWP’s. All fixtures, fittings, tile and bedding was removed as required, followed by concrete grinding to prepare surface for a new floor surface finishing.

Structural steel beams were removed, requiring the use of genie lifts to securely support structures during removal. Following from structural steel removal penetrations in concrete were created, using a combination of core drilling and concrete cutting equipment.

Due to the high risk nature of works at the airport, and a requirement to work during the night, Perfect has to plan and implement a unique waste management plan to ensure timely and legal removal and disposal of all waste materials during the project