Increasing Skip Bin Hire – Why it’s the Way to Go

Skip Bin Hire

The humble skip bin has been around for decades, and most people can appreciate its convenience as a tool to transfer large amounts of unwanted materials from a building site to the correct waste facility. Although skip bins are used frequently, people may benefit even more for using them to their fullest potential, to move large amounts of waste swiftly and efficiently.

What can skip bins be used for?

In a lot of cases, many people don’t realise just how diverse the uses for skip bins are. They are not just for residential debris such as old furniture and wood. You can also use skip bins to dispose of concrete, green/biodegradable waste, soil (if you have been landscaping), as well as almost all other things that can be disposed of at a refuse centre. Skip bins are also great for getting rid of old construction materials, for both residential and commercial properties. Due to the fact that you can use skip bins to dispose of such a wide variety of waste, they may be more useful than you initially realise.

There are also some things that cannot be put into skip bins, due to the fact that they are harmful and unsafe when disposed of improperly. This list includes fire extinguishers, asbestos, chemicals, gas bottles, and liquids. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot place into skip bins, you can always discuss it with the company providing the bin, who will have full knowledge of what items are prohibited.

It’s an eco-friendly choice

Skip bins can also be used for recycling. When trying to get rid of large quantities of waste material, it’s important to recycle and reuse as much as possible, to limit what is being placed in a landfill. If you strive to make environmentally-conscious choices where possible, invest in a skip bin to dispose of your rubbish responsibly. Many people are also not aware that a lot of building materials such as bricks and concrete can be recycled, broken down and reused in future projects. Skip bins help to simplify the logistics of this process, especially in commercial situations where you or your company have large quantities to dispose of.

For residential and commercial use

For many people, a skip bin may seem unnecessary for simple, around the house spring cleaning. Even if you are throwing out some larger pieces of furniture, this can easily be done by loading them into the car and taking them to a recycling plant or landfill yourself. But hiring a skip bin takes care of all of that for you.

If your company is undergoing renovations on a commercial property, it is possible that you will have a far greater amount of waste material that must be disposed of, compared to a residential project. Skip bins are an excellent method of getting rid of construction debris, or excess materials that are no longer needed. In many situations, materials can also be recycled, which is always done where possible.

Utilize the bin efficiently

Understanding how to best fill a skip bin will not only maximize its usage, but it can help to save you money in the long run. Loading a skip bin doesn’t have to be difficult, but knowing how to do it properly will have a significant positive effect on how much you can fit inside. It is recommended that if you have any flat items, these are placed neatly at the bottom of the skip. They will take up the least amount of room this way, and everything else can be stacked on top. Then, you should place all of your heavy items into the skip next. This is a practical concept for a number of reasons – firstly, it helps to keep the bin evenly weighted. If all of the heavy items are evenly distributed near the bottom of the skip then there is also less chance of the skip tipping over, and it will have greater balance. Finally, place lighter items on top. They are less likely to break or get damaged this way, as there should be fewer heavy items placing pressure on them.

Skip bins cannot be filled above the rim, as this is considered hazardous, no matter how well the waste is packed in and secured. Therefore, you should always make sure you hire the right-sized bin – it may cost more to rent one that is larger, but this is more cost-efficient in the long run compared to hiring two smaller ones.

Find the best skip bin for your needs

Skip bins come in a variety of different sizes, so that every job can be taken care of, no matter how big or small. Whether you are trying to remove residential or commercial waste from a small or large project, there is a skip that will be able to fit all of your unwanted material. When you are hiring your bin, it pays to give as much information to the company as possible, regarding its intended use. Companies will often be able to recommend the right bin

Hire a skip bin today

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