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Labour with Tools

Perfect Strip Out and Demolition combines labour hire and tool hire into one. We call this comprehensive customised service Labour with tools. The service pairs general, skilled, demolition or operators with the large range of tools, equipment, and plant we provide. Our intention behind combining these two major services required in strip out and demolition jobs is to make the clients’ experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Not many can confidently combine these services because of the diverse professionals and myriad of tools needed in demolition and strip out jobs. Being a part of Perfect Group that comprises of Perfect Contracting, Perfect Labour Hire, Perfect Remediation, Perfect Concrete Care and Perfect Stripout, enables us to confidently offer comprehensive service to our clients. Our integrated capabilities acquired from our five divisions and years of experience in the demolition industry has equipped us with an extensive array of experienced general and skilled labourers as well as tools and equipment.

With our comprehensive Labour With Tools service you can order everything you need. From general labour to skilled labour and all the way to specialisations such as Excavator Operators with 3.5t or two-men-and-a-truck scenarios – Perfect can supply the exact worker your project needs. Inducted through a customised recruitment system that utilises up-to-the-minute tech, Perfect workers remain at the forefront of client requests state-wide. All interviews are conducted one-on-one and detailed screening takes place at every level of the recruitment process, with the bulk of this occurring long before a face-to-face evaluation.

Our construction and demolition labourers have the right experience, attitude and desire to be a valuable asset for you. Our demolition labourers have been working in the industry for years and know how to carry out detailed demolition works flawlessly in their sleep. Our skilled labourers carry multiple High Risk Work tickets, from EWP under and over 11m to Confined Space and Working at Heights. Perfect can supply a Bobcat S70, S590, Kubota Posi-Track and Excavators with skilled operators to assist you on your projects. Our skilled Excavator Operators can operate small machines to assist you with loading out, trenching or even demolition works. Whether it is a simple or difficult task, they are best left to trained and experienced professionals. And because we vet 95% of candidates before they’re even invited for an interview, Perfect can ensure you have those trained professionals inducted, kitted out and on site.

Perfect boasts a wide-ranging fleet of state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators and 35t excavators to grinders and positracks. Additionally, we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to mankind, from small Hilti Jackhammers right up to the Hilti TE3000. The best part is that all of these are available for hire and can be included in our Labour with Tools service. With our continued investment in emerging technologies, safety and innovation, Perfect’s service scope ranges from the simple & straightforward to the thoroughly technical to the downright demanding.

Labour Hire with Tools

Need a Bathroom stripped out but don’t have the labour or tools?

With our Labour with Tools service, we can provide you with two skilled demolition labourers and an Isuzu Tipper Truck, they will arrive with all the tools required such as, jackhammers, generators, pinch bars, sledgehammers, lump hammers and anything else required to get the job done.

You just point to the bathroom, and they will handle the rest including loading out all the rubbish and materials leaving you with a back-to-base bathroom ready to renovate.

Need to strip out your office or retail space for End of Lease?

Perfect Stripout’s Labour with Tools service will provide you with the right labourers needed, depending on the job along with all the tools and equipment required to strip down the space to its bare shell or as required by your agreement.

Need a complex structural demolition done?

Our Labour with Tools service will take the job off your hands by sending our highly skilled demolition labourers, high risk licenced workers, and operators along with all the machinery required including excavators. Perfect’s latest machineries and skilled workers will help you carry out any complex or simple structural demolition flawlessly.

Need your construction rubbish removed from site?

Perfect’s Labour with Tools service can provide the skip bins, trucks and trailers along with the labour required to get the rubbish off your site.

Perfect Stripout introduced the Labour with Tools service to simplify the process for our clients, so you do not have to go looking for the variety of tools required for each job in Bunnings, Kennards and such. From simple stripout and rubbish removal jobs to complex demolition jobs, we have the labour and the tools to take the job off your hands and minds.

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