How to carry out an office strip-out?

Office Strip Out

What is a Strip-out?

Strip out refers to the removal of non-structural components and equipment to enable reuse of existing floor space without demolishing and rebuilding the entire structure. It is the demolition of internal components within a structure or building such as bathrooms, kitchens, office and commercial spaces, and others. These include wall linings, internal partition walls, built-ins, floor coverings, ceilings, tiles, internal glazing, pipework, etc.

The foundation of Perfect’s heavy demolition reputation lies in our beginnings: strip-outs and detailed demolition. Perfect Strip-out and Demolition has extensive experience in performing a multitude of strip-out projects ranging from simple shop strip-outs to entire ten-story buildings and hotels. Over the years we have built up an impressive fleet of machinery and equipment that improves both our efficiency and safety. Furthermore, Perfect’s most valuable asset, its team members, have considerable experience in the strip-out sector and are adept in all the processes and procedures.

office strip-out and demolition

Office strip-outs often need to be carried out at the beginning or end of a lease as well as before renovating office spaces. The scope of work varies according to the client’s requirements, end of lease obligations, conditions in the tenancy fit-out guidelines provided by the landlord and so on.

The scope of office strip-outs usually includes:

  • Dismantling and removal of all existing workstations, screens, furniture and fixtures.
  • Removal of all built-in joinery and cupboards.
  • Removal of all signage from the office and directory board.
  • Demolition of existing partition walls.
  • Removal of existing doors and skirting.
  • Removal of existing ceiling grid, tiles, suspended and plasterboard ceiling.
  • Removal and disposal of false flooring – wooden, vinyl, carpet, etc.
office strip-out and demolition

Step by Step Guide to Office Strip-Out

  1. The Perfect crew starts the strip-out process by disconnecting electrical, water and gas lines.
    • The main power line is turned off and power points and cables are checked to ensure there is no electricity running through the space.
    • The water lines are then turned off to prevent flooding or other water related issues.
    • Next, the gas appliances are turned off at the valves and gas lines are turned off at the gas meter.
  2. Demolition involves mess so the floors need to be covered to prevent scratches, dents and other damages. So, the strip-out experts then proceed to install equipment, such as Bolton rubber pads for floor protection.
  3. Any existing artworks and signage are removed from the work site.
  4. All workstations, screens and other furniture and fixtures are then dismantled and removed from the work site to gain easier access to floors, ceilings and walls. With experience in careful disassembly and assembly, Perfect Strip-out crew is proficient in office desk and workstation reconfiguration and removal. We can remove workstations and dispose of responsibly as well as reconfigure or relocate workstations and office desks to a new location.
  5. All the waste is then loaded into the tub bins and removed from the site by our Tipper Trucks. This makes the removal from site fast and efficient and cuts down on double handling materials.
  6. Later, additional equipment required for the particular strip-out project are installed and an exclusion zone is set up by sealing the space to ensure safety.
  7. Next, a toolbox talk is carried out by the site supervisor to discuss the tasks, hazards and control measures specific to the project.
  8. The site supervisor then ensures all site workers and subcontractors have signed on to the Safe Work Method Statement and Record of Toolbox Meeting sheet.
  9. Next, the workers proceed to demolish the partition walls, such as single gyprock walls from slab to slab and remove all doors and skirting to open up the space and in turn, gain even better access to the floors and ceilings.
  10. Afterwards, all existing ceiling grid, tiles, suspended and plasterboard ceiling are dismantled and removed.
  11. Finally, the crew starts working on the flooring to remove all existing false flooring, such as wooden and vinyl tiles or floorboards, and carpet including underlay that comes out with the carpet. Removal of tiles, carpet and vinyl can often be a tedious task especially if not handled by professionals. Perfect Strip-out has specialized machinery for removing commercial vinyl, carpet and tiles. The use of latest technology enables us to save you time and in turn, your money.
skip bin - office demolition

Why Choose Perfect Strip-out?

Since the company’s establishment in 2010, we have carried out hundreds of strip-out projects. Delivering significant flagship projects including Sydney International Airport, Northwest Rapid Transit, Parramatta Light Rail and Sydney Metro. Supported by a team of skilled estimators, project managers, site managers and tradesmen, our team comprises reliable, highly qualified professionals who work hard to deliver outstanding service and quality projects for our clients.

As one of Perfect’s core services, strip outs and soft demolition remains at the forefront of our skill set. Successful completion of numerous structurally invasive demolition projects has equipped our team with a detailed understanding of what constitutes a challenge. Surmounting these challenges has enabled us to master the humble strip out.

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